Welcome to the Order of the Shadow Accords

Thousands of years ago, the earth was a war zone where demons and fae battled. To protect the earth, the supernatural races set up the Accords, a set of rules for how they could coexist. As part of the Accords, demons would live in the Abyss, fae would live in the Faelands, and neither would have the ability to enter each other’s worlds.

Things improved, but the hatred between the two races runs deep and The Order of the Shadow Accords was set up on earth to provide a buffer, and also to ensure that humans are not destroyed by the wars that periodically break out.

Out Now!

Bittersweet Blood, Bittersweet Magic and Bittersweet Darkness

Full of action, heat, lust, violence, intrigue and most importantly characters readers will actually feel a vested interest in, Bittersweet Darkness is a true must read. – Gothic Moms

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